'Miracle Girl'

I am always caught off guard when someone is describing me or introducing me, "This is Rachel-she's our miracle." I sort of look around and remember they are talking about me. Granted, I would not have it any other way, but sometimes I just have to remember everything that happened and think, Wow, I have come a LONG way. For example, six years ago, I literally had to learn to walk and eat again after my stem cell/bone marrow transplant...That's not including ALL the other stuff over the past 9 years...

So, over the course of the day I saw a lot of wonderful, familiar faces and met some amazing new ones, which is always one of my favorite things to do. I saw some of the people who helped take care of me in the hospital, some good friends I have met through all my experiences and some amazing artists.

I want to tell you about 2 of my favorite parts of the day. First was re-connecting with the doctor that diagnosed me and truly saved my life (he didn't recognize me at first with my long hair-almost as long as it was when I first met him-9 years ago)! We got to catch up and he may use me for some art stuff in the future! I got goosebumps as he talked at the podium about the art program. I stood there and flashbacked to being 15, in his office with my mom after my MRI, in my black fleece pants, blue long sleeve t-shirt. This doctor had to be the one to tell us that day-the news that would change everything I had ever known in my life-the news that I had a tumor on my spinal cord and my body was shutting down by the HOUR.

The other event that stood out in this wonderful day was connecting with a young girl. She wasn't just any girl, she was the slightly older sister of a very sweet young boy-that I was close to-that passed away a few months ago. His mother and sister and brother came to the art kickoff today and I hadn't gotten to know the siblings very well. The sister decided to draw me in her special notebook and I was thrilled! She did such a good job and I was filled with joy that I got to share that experience with her, especially since we both loved her little brother so much! I hope we can do some art again some time. The healing power of art always amazes me and that is precisely why I want to be an art therapist.

The rest of the day was equally beautiful and busy with holding my cousin's little 9 month old baby girl, running errands, even working out for an hour (*hadn't done that in awhile...), church, double-dating, ice cream and a movie! Whew.

I always try to treasure the good days because you just never know when a not as good one will pop up!

Today, I am grateful for: God, being a 'miracle', having a good day, for doctors that saved my life, and family and friends.

Tomorrow's adventures: Touring a house or more, maybe an art festival and dinner with The Fiance and my grandma


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