Hairy Situation

My Bio class got cancelled so I did not get to share my story and speech that I had prepared. I did not find out either until I got to school. How I wished I could have gone to bed earlier AND slept in. Oh well! I guess I will present Thursday.

I am getting my hair trimmed tonight and it's getting so long-the longest in 9 years since I was first diagnosed! I'm partially getting it trimmed for our engagement pics-any suggestions for an outfit, please!!

I thought it would be appropriate to share a poem about my hair from 4 years ago...

From September 15, 2003: Hair Care was written when I got chemotherapy a third time for the third time I had cancer (and also went bald a third time).


I must remind myself
I am beautiful
Hair or no hair
It does not change me
It cannot alter me
I am in control
I need to
Believe in myself
Know it does not matter

But still
It hurts
I stand out now
Screaming to the world
‘I have cancer’
‘I am sick’

Today, I am grateful for: health, friends and family and a little shopping break from school.



Kathy said...

I really like your poem...and you are beautiful...hair or no hair.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel- I am enjoying reading your blog-so creative, very inspirational (of course) I am so proud of you! Love, Aunt Sue