Healing Massage 101

I had some other ideas for The Blog today but after having my monthly massage, I knew that's what I had to write about.

Massage: is a treatment and practice of manipulation of the soft body tissues with physical, functional, i.e. mechanical, medical/therapeutic, and in some cases emotional purposes and goals.

Being a person who lives with pain on a daily basis (and have been for years), something besides pain medicine that I have found to dramatically help my pain is massage. Inversely, it has allowed me to cut my pain medicine in half.

I think it takes finding the right massage therapist that you feel comfortable with and understands what your needs are. Some therapists are scared of working with cancer patients but thankfully mine worked past this and found it very rewarding.

My massage therapist, after learning from each other, now works largely with cancer patients. It's amazing the connections we make in our lives with others that lead to great things!

There are SO many types of massage too-full body, head and neck, clothed and unclothed, light touch, deep tissue, etc. That's something else to consider...what works for one person might not for another, of course.

And the disclaimer: check with your Dr. before doing any of this ;).

What are some of your favorite healing presences in your life?

Today I am grateful for: massage and having most of my project done



Sherry said...

I find massage so healing...both physically and spiritually. There is a release that opens my mind and my spirits.
Meditation is also a release for me. Emptying my mind and finding a place to just "be".

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks for sharing! I really should try more meditating. I had lunch at park today and walked around. It was so soothing!