Running Around...

I think I am ready for a nap-what a fun whirlwind day it has been!

First, Tish (mentioned in the post below) -"home care nurse turned personal wedding seamstress" (she really is my fairy godmother!!) came over to look at the wedding dress. I am really excited about the alterations and design changes we came up with! Let's say one of my favorite parts is being able to show one of the scars on my back-I am so proud of and love my 'battle wounds' (feeling this way was definitely something that took some time to grow into...).

Then, lunch was fabulous-catching up on life and wedding plans.

Finally, the phone interview went very well. They are doing a follow-up story in the Winter Issue of CURE magazine. We talked about the engagement and all that good stuff. I got to "brag" about how amazing The Fiance is!

Today, I am thankful for: friends, family, everything feeling so right about the wedding...

Anyways, have an amazing weekend...I'm off to a nap...er..homework, cleaning, etc? What are your weekend plans??



Rachel's sister said...

make sure to save me a copy of the next edition! :) it's awesome to have such a famous little sister. hugs!

Kathy said...


Wow, I found your site through Crazy, Sexy Cancer. I do not have cancer...but lost my dad to lung cancer and really hate this disease. I found your story/life so inspiring. I am interested in your art - do you offer any one a website?


Happy wedding - been married for 21 years and still love him. haha


Doctor David said...

I went to your blog after your post on the [E-SARC] list. I lurk there, too, not because I had cancer, but because I treat kids with sarcomas. Your blog is wonderful... full of enthusiasm and positive energy! I love it. Your story is an inspiration, too. I'll be sure to send new patients here so they can see that there is hope, that there are happy endings, and that life goes on despite the diagnosis.

All the best,

David Loeb, MD, PhD