Adult Bone Cancer Survivors

Great opportunities to help others seldom come,
but small ones surround us every day.
- Sally Koch

Today I wanted to touch on (again) one of the MANY positive things that has come out of cancer. Case in point: I met Mary Sorens, who runs the Adult Bone Cancer Survivors website ( http://abc-survivors.net/ )(note: if you go to the main page of this site you will see a silly picture of me- hint: I have a bone in my hand, if you want the story, you'll have to ask), in which I am a member! Mary and I met at a conference/retreat a few years back in Montana. We sort of knew each other in passing then. The next year we got closer because I had joined her site and then a few months after that, through a course of events, we ended up rooming together throughout the country of Denmark for 2 weeks. What a fabulous travel companion she was!

Anyways, back to her site, she describes it perfectly:

We are a group of adults from all over the world who have been diagnosed with bone sarcoma, a type of cancerous tumor that invades bone. These tumors make up less than 1% of the cancer cases diagnosed each year, and they tend to occur in children, adolescents and young adults.

It is our mission to personally support other adults dealing with bone cancer diagnosis, treatment, and life beyond. Our site is maintained by a volunteer, and support is offered by patients and survivors who are willing to share their experiences.

Her site has valuable information, resources, a forum called the cafe, people's stories (like mine) and fun stuff too!

She and her site are an inspiration to us all and it does SO much good for lots of people! Check it out.

She also has a fabulous blog found here: http://abc-survivors.net/mary/ She's an amazing photographer, writer, etc. too!

Today, I am grateful for: Mary Sorens, friends, family, God and smoothies :)



Jamie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I have to say I'm very similar to you - I eat well during the week but tend to fall off the band wagon on weekends! lol. I think I do better with the work scheduled days.

I love your friends site - great thing to do. In fact I'm in the process of starting a special support group in my area (although for a different cause). I'll have to tell you about it once things are all in order :) Have a great weekend!

Rachel's sister said...

And if it wasn't for Mary, there would be no Bob or International Shoe Day! lol Hugs!

Anonymous said...

*takes a bow*
thank you
without people like you
none of it would be.
and i would be so lonely and bored
i'd be pathetically sad, actually.
and there would be no bob
there would be no bone cancer love
there would be no silly string
(no reason for it really).
i have hugged brian and cari, rachel and kevin, elizabeth and mariana, brad and michelle, chris and randy, bruce and bev.
who knew such love,
such love could come from

Obsessedwithlife said...

Jamie-no prob! I'd love to hear about your support group.

Kelly-this is true!

Mary-so insightful, as always-LOVE YOU!!!


randy said...

awesome! this must be promote mary and abc week!! we are all in on it - and for good reason!

hope you have a great weekend, rachel b.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Randy-sounds good! Have a good weekend too!