RealTime Cancer

I just had to share yet ANOTHER awesome organization-RealTime Cancer! It is run out of Newfoundland, Canada by another friend and amazing cancer survivor, Geoff Eaton.


"RealTime Cancer is focused on inspiring, informing and supporting young adults, ages 15-30, dealing with cancer.
It's a place where young adults dealing with cancer can connect, share, and support one another. If you're used to people who are understanding, but not having people understand, this place was made for you." -Realtimecancer.org

and an essay that I wrote this summer: http://www.realtimecancer.org/ArticleDetails.asp?ArticleID=42 (warning: it's pretty long!!)

Enjoy! And yes, Geoff and Lesley, I'll make it up your way one of these days!

Today, I am grateful that my test is over, the weekend is soon, going to John Mellencamp tonight! Yay! and family and friends. Woohoo.



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Rachel - thanks for visiting today and for your kind words about my design choices. :)

Have a great weekend!!