See you later

Happy Birthday Gabe!

Side note: Have you ever thought about that? I rarely ever say 'good-bye' anymore. I always try to say, "See you later", because in my mind, that is the way it is. I will see you later, even if it means in heaven. Just a thought...

Have a good Saturday!

Adios amigos...see you later!

Today, I am grateful that: my Dr appt went well, I am getting put on some nerve meds, and for a special birthday day with my fiance.




Anonymous said...

Glad your Dr. appt went well! Tell Gabe I said Happy Birthday!

Sherry said...

Sometimes I say goodbye, sometimes it's see you soon or I love you. Almost always it is with a hug.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks Brandy. Will do!

Sherry-good thoughts :).