The Eve of Christmas...

I'm not feeling too in the spirit, I guess you could say. I just went to the Dr for my lingering cold. It seems that my lungs sounded good (haha, good in terms of "Rachel lungs", which aren't in the best shape, but this is good news-I was worried) and my throat looked ok (I had lost my voice for a couple days and it was sore). They took blood and said it was just the cold taking forever to leave me. So, good news overall and now I need to gear up for a couple days of nonstop parties, food and family. Fun, but of course, exhausting!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Today, I am grateful: that I am not more sick, that I've been able to enjoy my holiday break and not miss anything I've wanted to do, for friends, family and God.

Raquel (why not go by my spanish name today?)


lahdeedah said...

I hope that lingering cold decides to leave today, Rachel. Take good care and have a lovely Christmas.

I've so enjoyed reading your exuberant writing this year.



Jaime said...

hey Rach - Merry Christmas to you, too! Sounds like we have the same sorta cold...I lost my voice for days, and it's going on more than a week and a half, two weeks with the congestion, etc. :(
enjoy the holiday!

Sherry said...

Well how about Raquella bella!!???
I'm so glad that you are not MORE sick..but you sound sick enough. Be good to yourself..enjoy your parties but remember to drink plenty of liquids (alcoholic included if you wish!) and to rest...if I sound like your mother, that's no bad thing!!!! You want to be in best form for your family celebrating!!!

Have a wonderful holiday time, partying and celebrating. If we're going Spanish...Feliz Navidad!!!

empy said...

Merry Christmas, my very special friend. :-) HUGS!