Followup: Inexpensive Gift Ideas

These are applicable to holidays, birthdays, or a thank you for being a person in my life!

Thank you to those who submitted ideas and I came up with some on my own too...

-Sale section at Anthropologie (normally not a cheap store and i'm not sure about online but when I go into the store, I ALWAYS find something, I even found some awesome fabric to be used in conjunction with the wedding)

-Homemade bookmarks

-Various ideas with small canvases-painting, quotes

-Baked goods/candies/that sort of made-from-the-heart goodness

-A great place for picture frames (esp. smaller ones)-dollar stores

-Dollar Bins when you walk in at Target-have gotten some great stuff!

-Tricia...A great gift is to make bags of epson salt with oil and directions. Package them up pretty.

-Kristin...photo frames with inspiring words on them...either gotten from magazines or painted on...also-homemade ornaments...

-Brandy...suggests this site...http://www.gifts.com/finder for those who are hard to buy for!

That's all for now! If you have more or I forgot someone's please speak up :).

Today, I am thankful for: friends, family and God, finding a great dress for the weekend wedding and the holidays, getting all the holiday shopping done (I think) and the crowds not being too bad, and now a day for resting again-I think this cold/flu has never really left and I feel it coming on again-I hope I'm wrong!!




Jaime said...

hey Rach! Got your email; will email back soon....I am right there with you on this never-ending cold! At least YOU'RE doing the right thing and resting....I never seem to. :(
Some homemade ideas....I like those clear lucite picture frames you can pick up at bed bath and beyond, and then making a collage around the border, and then sealing it (clear nail polish works, too). ta-da! creative picture frame!
I also like just framing great pics of myself with family members, etc. wth a really nice frame.
And I make killer mix cds. ;)
talk soon, chica.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks! I'll try to include your ideas later :). Yes, I love those frames too--using them for some engagement pics as presents!

I love mix CDS-can I have some of your playlists?? I'm always on the hunt for new music!


Jaime said...

Sure.....and when I get back to school, I can even send you some cds.....I'm bummed because most of my iPod songs were on my OLD laptop, and I can't tansfer all that music now..... :(
I will email you some playlists!

Lindsay said...

I would love to see some of your guys' play lists too! I'm a music fiend ;)

Obsessedwithlife said...

Jaime and Lindsey-I think I shall do a shout-out for music soon and post the results on the blog, how does that sound?