Foot Reflexology Massage

This is going to be a quick writing session...It's been a long but wonderful day. It started out with a beautiful foot reflexology massage (my first) with a very dear friend. Then, visiting with Grandma, a movie with another amazing friend and bridesmaid and then her fitting for her bridesmaid dress before she skips town for a couple months. It was lovely and I'm worn out :).

So, I highly recommend foot reflexology. I have to admit, I usually do not even let my regular massage therapist touch my feet but I had to try it. My friend did all the training for it and it was really great. She was also wonderful about being gentle and worked especially on areas in the feet that correspond to the lungs, chest and head areas, where I've had so much congestion. Yay for that!

What's your take? Have you ever had foot reflexology? Leave a comment :).

Today, I am thankful for: dear friends, family, friendship and life.



Lori B said...

Never had it. Never even had a pedicure. I think I would like the reflexology better!
Thanks for your post to Ingrid's site. I have heard of the Stupidcancer show and of the mountain climber who had Askins. Thanks!

Sherry said...

I have had reflexology and I love it...it put me to sleep it was that good. More interesting was the fact that the woman doing it noticed an "angry" place in my right chest...and that was 6 months before my breast cancer was diagnosed. I am a HUGE believer in this and know that it really does correspond to the parts of the body. Glad you enjoyed your session Rachel!