I Need Help with Holiday Gifts!

Help!- I need some ideas! I am trying to think of inexpensive, thoughtful holiday gifts-they could be homemade (I'm pretty crafty and artsy), bought, whatever...any ideas?? This year my mind has been foggy and lacking for ideas!

An idea for you: last year I did little baskets with candy, microwave popcorn and a DVD of a movie specific to the person I was giving it to :)!

I'll share all the ideas in another post if you'd like!

Thanks so much :).

Back to studying-1 test down, 1 to go and 1 presentation. Wish me luck!

Today, I am grateful that I am functioning and feeling some better today, I am almost done with the semester, I am thankful to be back in school in general after so many semesters where I could not go, for family, friends, God and my study date yesterday with D ;).




Lost said...

I have a google alert for the LAF.Org and today your blog was posted in that alert. You are very inspiring.

A great gift is too make bags of epson salt with oil and directions. Package them up pretty, but since you are an artist I bet you will come up with some unique ways.


empy said...

Judging from last year's gifts, you are much more creative at this than I am! I tend to ask people what they want and get it. LOL! So I'm sorry, I'm not the right person to ask. Hopefully you have some creative readers. :) Of course, the way I see it, anything involving your art is the best gift. But that can be very time-consuming, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

I've got some books you can look at in my craft room.


Anonymous said...

You could always make photo frames with inspiring words on them...either gotten from magazines or painted on...or you could even print up little booklets with inspiring words from Rachel...for people to be encouraged or to encourage others...you have an amazing gift for that...and people would be touched to have that...I know my grandmother wrote poems...and made all her grandchildren books about "When I was a little girl"...those types of gifts are priceless!

Or you could do a "Rachel ornament"...I love my Rachel purse!!!

I love the movie gift idea...have used that alot!!!!

Praying for you as you finish up exams...can you see the light at the end of tunnel...your almost there!!!!!!


Kristin :)

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks Tricia for stopping by and for your suggestion! I will be following your blog now ;)!

Thanks Mary and Carol!!


Anonymous said...

This website is kind of neat because you can answer questions about the person you are buying for and it will give you suggestions. I use it for my cousin who is impossible: http://www.gifts.com/finder
But you know that I always think shoes are a good gift.;)
I finished my last final tonight! Let's celebrate!