You know I love quotes...

Oklahoma City Bombing's Survivor Tree (I actually took this pic!)

After surviving the bombing, The Survivor Tree elm became an emblem of the Memorial

We are all survivors...
but the trouble with being a survivor
is that you find yourself dancing alone a lot.
It is a tricky seesaw on which the survivor has to sit.
One the one side is your ability to be comfortable
in a world inhabited only by yourself.
And on the other side is your desire
to share your time with others.
How do you balance your time?
Being a survivor is not a bad thing,
but you do run the risk of being the last one
at the party when the punch bowl is empty
and the confetti has turned to dust.

-Jimmy Buffet

Today, I am grateful for: friends, family and fun days and being with family for the holidays and prayers



Jaime said...

Another issue with being a survivor.....I've found that there comes a point where you want to stop SURVIVING life and simply start LIVING life....if that makes any sense? I've been a survivor in many different instances, and though I wouldn't change a thing, the thought goes through my mind.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Jaime-I hear ya! Have a good Christmas please :).