Eco-Friendly Home

Yes, I finally decided to show you my end-of-semester project from Residential Interior Design. We were given an existing home and floor plan and the made-up couple wanted an addition plus renovation in their home with as many eco-friendly/"green"/sustainable elements as possible...They also wanted a more contemporary feel. We had to work on plumbing, electrical and lighting plans, roof plans, architectural plans for the addition (including building materials, etc), finding furniture, flooring, cabinets, lighting fixtures, wall applications, ceiling designs, ETC. We also had to do renovate the basement and completely re-do the kitchen plus a bunch of other stuff. I converted my garage into the addition and moved the garage to the back of the house. I used a lot of eco-friendly finishes and furniture. It was a lot of hard work while being somewhat under the weather but in the end, I think it turned out well...

This is the floor plan for the first level and basement.

On the right side of the house is where the garage used to be.

On the left is a rendering of the kitchen and it's finishes are below,

and on the right, is the dining room area.

This is the living room and wet bar area of the house which is in the former garage.

Today, I am grateful for: friends, family, dinner&movie date night, God



empy said...

You are so creative! I can't begin to do the things you do!

Hey, I know you are against facebook, but you've gotta at least see how we're doing! It's pretty awesome!


Obsessedwithlife said...

Mary-Thanks, ::blushes::

I did give some money through my friend's account :). Very awesome!


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I got out of that major! :-) Writing papers is so much easier. You're stuff looks great!

Dee said...

That looks so great! Is that the big project you were telling me about?

And...you're giving me so many ideas about the Vineyard place, I'd love to bounce some off of you sometime soon. :)

empy said...

Rachel, we are currently one of the leaders qualified to receive a $10,000 prize at the end of the month! We need help to maintain a solid lead and win all this money for research! If you have friends on facebook, it's only $10 each. Check out our position in the BIG contest here!

Obsessedwithlife said...


Dee-Yes, this is THE project. haha. Bounce ideas off me ANYTIME. I'll see what I can do. Email me some pics!!

Mary-I'll see what I can do!! If you get this, will you email me the info again and I can forward it to people??