Shocking...I need help again! While you're at it, make sure to leave some music suggestions too (thank you to those who already left some)-I'll post the final list in the next couple days!

I really try not to talk about the wedding too much because that's just not me-I'm not a person who take a year off to plan a wedding or hired a wedding planner or talks about it constantly. No offense to those who do these things, it's just not me. But I do have a favor/question to ask of you concerning the wedding...

Question of the day: Where would you go on your honeymoon if you were going on one or where did you go?

Requirements for us: doesn't cost too much, is a beach, all inclusive resort-style probably.


Today, I am grateful for: lunch w/ friends, 6 days til school starts, friends, family, fun and food.



Jessica said...

Hi Rachel-
Casey and I LOVED Turks and Caicos. We stayed on the island of Provo, at the Sands. It is affordable, and when we were there, we got our last 2 nights for free (since we stayed 7). It was not all inclusive, but the restaurants are awesome. We took taxis to dinner. The beach is gorgeous, the most beautiful I have ever seen. Great snorkeling. Very relaxing. If you have any questions about Turks and Caicos, you know where to find me!


Jessica said...

Turks and Caicos is near the Bahamas, in the Atlantic Ocean, not far from Cuba. We booked everything separately (hotel and flight), and we were on a budget as I had just taken the bar exam and we were still law students. I'm sure a travel agency would make things easier. There may not be direct flights from your area, you would need to connect in Miami I think. Happy planning!

Anonymous said...


1) Go to Cabo San Lucas. Seriously it is my favorite place in the world. I have stayed at the Playa Grande - it's not all-inclusive but it's beautiful, private beach, restaurants on-site, and the best little mariachi band plays by the pool all day. Seriously heaven.

2) Timbaland and Steve Miller Band are my 2 musical preferences these days. They aren't quite in the same genre ...

Hope all is well :o) One of these days when I'm back in stl visiting we need to get together!

lahdeedah said...

Hey Rachel,

My brother and his new wife went to the Cook Islands. Very inexpensive and lovely. Let me know if you want the name of the resort. Also, a good friend went to a little town in Mexico and said it was amazing. Will look into that one for you, too.

How fun!



Obsessedwithlife said...

THanks for the ideas! I'll check it out!

Jill--where's Cook Island? Would appreciate the name of the resort. THanks!


Jaime said...

2 of my friend-couples went to Greece and LOVED it. I am partial to Venice, but that's just me.

Bob Lozano said...

Ummm ... well we went to Jeff City for a night (closest place to Columbia that was not Columbia), watched this obscure new movie called Star Wars (Episode IV - but who knew back then?), then spent a few days in the log cabin near Montauk. Then back home to hang out with friends and fam, then back to Mizzou for the start of classes.

Total budget: $105 (including a very nice breakfast at the Ramada Inn in Jeff, as well as pizza and swimming at the community center in the megapolis of Salem, MO!). Even with that splurge, we came in $5 under budget.

Not too glamorous, but seems to have held up pretty good. :-)