My First Published Essay in a Book

I don't think I've mentioned this yet but the book that my essay is in, Extraordinary Healers: CURE Readers Honor Oncology Nurses, has come out. This is the first book my writing has been published in (hopefully first, meaning there will be more-that is one of my life goals-to write a book or more).

Today, I am grateful for: a lovely morning with my fiance, a day to do work in my PJs, Monday night workout class, friends, family and God.



Anonymous said...

R. I am ordering a copy. It was so good to see you at breakfast. Let's do it again soon but this time come to my house and I will make you something and I can pick your brain about my house! :) Michael loved you and said he has TWO RACHELS now!

Nick Raitt said...

Gettin things moving I see. Good luck on the book and everything.
I have one question for you. How long did it take for your hair to grow back and was it darker and curlier like the docs say it will be?

Nick Raitt said...

Congragulations on your essay. Your getting things moving which is great. I have one question for you concerning hair. HA
How long does it take to grow back, and is darker and curlier like they say?

Henrike said...

Congratulations on being published!! This will definitely not be the last time- you have so much to say and people can just relate to your stories and experiences- at least I can!!

All the best,

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks everyone for the support!