School-Induced Feelings

It usually happens to a lot of people-mixed feelings about going back to work, school, whatever it is, after being gone for some time. Tomorrow is my day to go back to college.

Part of me is ready for the routine, while part of me likes doing whatever pleases me on that day or at least having more freedom (without the schoolwork hanging in the background). I soaked in one last day to really sleep in late today and plan to finish up some of the most important stuff on my massive "break to-do list".

I also know that starting tomorrow, I will not have weekends off-that life is just going to be extra crazy for the next 6 months with the wedding, doing all the things needed to transfer schools, graduate from this challenging program (even though from the outside it wouldn't seem that it could be very hard, they work us quite hard!), find a new place to move, prepare for speaking in April, and the list goes on and on.

I guess what scares me is the energy and focus it will take. I know deep down I can do it, but I will just need to balance everything efficiently. I know that a lot of times I overdo it and pay for it later. There's also the health stuff constantly lingering in the unknown-the stuff that is already there and what is to come, always at my back, ready to make things even more challenging. It is overwhelming but obviously something I cannot do anything about so, as usual, I'll take it a day at a time. I'll find something good-even something small-for the days that aren't so good and attempt to appreciate the ones that are.

Today, I am grateful: for one more day, a new semester beginning-towards my goal, new music :), family, friends and the support from others in my life



Dee said...

I find that as long as I keep everything organized, even the chaos, it doesn't feel so...chaotic. There's a method to mayhem and once you find your own method, it's all much easier to get through.

Good music helps too.

You can do it Rach, you can do it all, and you've got friends every where to support you along the way *coughmeamongstthemcough*

Anonymous said...

I can't believe your whole break went by and we didn't meet up! The holidays are always too crazy! Let's set a lunch/dinner date soon. And you know if you ever need any help you just have to let me know. I have great wisdom from Mama K!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel!
While I'm not dealing with health issues or a wedding, I'm with you on the school and how hectic that will be as well as transfering and moving to a new place so I hope that we can be there for each other this semester! I know I'm gonna need a push or two to keep me going! As you know, I'm always there to help. I'm so glad I have you and Kelly in my class this semester! - Diana