Tip of the Day-Books

REMINDER!: If you haven't left your music here, then you better hop to! Time is ticking. :)

College bookstores and bookstores in general overcharge everyone for books and textbooks. I have found a great way to get more reasonable textbooks- Half.com. I got all of my books for this semester for 5 classes for $100! I just thought I'd share...there are other great sites too but I keep coming back to this one.

Also, you can usually get new (or used) books cheap on Amazon.com and over $25 usually qualifies you for free shipping. They also let you make a "Wish List" that some people I knew found useful for the holidays (they claim I'm hard to shop for :) !).

Today, I am grateful for: a lunch, some fun errand running and friends, family and God.



Jaime said...

Have to check out half.com!!!!! :)
are you on facebook? I am slightly obsessed....

Sherry said...

Thanks for this info!! Oldest son is back to Uni on the weekend and needs to order his books (from the campus bookstore) today...now that I know you can do this with Amazon and the other site, we can use it for next year!!! The cost of the book is outrageous. He needs "Sense and Sensibility" for one of his English Lit classes..he's taking my copy back with him!! We've saved on one anyway!! :)

Dee said...

NEVER BUY BOOKS FROM YOUR UNI! Lol, mine is SO expensive (go figure right?). I've used half.com before and I think I used amazon.com used stuff once or twice, the problem I had with amazon.com was it took too long to get my books (because you only have a four day period when you know what EC/RC you have to get books for etc.) so it was difficult scheduling wise.

Wow I don't think this makes sense.

Thanks for reminding me I have to place my order for my books though, you're my hero for today. THANKS RACH!

empy said...

People at ABC have been admiring your story in Cure Magazine!

Jaime said...

RACHEL!!!! I just got my issue of CURE magazine.....and I see an update on a patient named Rachel - your picture looks great! :) And you are right above my friend Tamika!!! Small world, huh? you go, girl! Do you read the magazine "WOmen and Cancer"? My claim to fame is that in 2006 they did a story and I was in it.....woooo! go us!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Jaime-No, not on facebook :( sorry!

Dee-No problem. You're welcome!

Mary-lol, forgot about that article...oops. I think I gave that interview during the end of the semester or something-in the hallway at school...and I haven't gotten my paper copy in the mail yet of CURE so I totally forgot! Thanks! I'll post it tomorrow...


Obsessedwithlife said...

Jaime-I know Tamika too-sat with her one night and hung out at the LAF Summit! Were you there too??

That's funny about the article-I keep getting emails but I haven't gotten my paper copy yet. lol, thanks!

Yes, I get Women&Cancer but only recently. Is your article online??