Decided to share some older poetry today...

Written December 10, 2006

Sometimes when I am walking around
I think and wonder
What others might perceive
When they look at me
Or through me

I forget that my hair is long
Sometimes I still feel
Like that bald-headed cancer girl

My self confidence was damaged
All those years of stares and whispers
Rumors and so much missed

The deep scars and memories remain
They are just more hidden these days.

Today, I am grateful: for a fast end to the school week-I guess that happens when I have 3-day weeks with 2 really long days!, friends, family, God and one of my uncles that I don't see much is in town :) and getting to see other ones I missed at Christmas...



Lindsay said...

I always feel like 'the Cancer girl' even with hair! I'm guessing it's something that stays with you. Like the poem =)

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing this poem!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks darlings :)! It's from the past yet still holds true!