Lunch Ideas for All

Drum roll please...here are some lunch ideas for all! Thanks to all who helped!

-fresh fruit slices

-celery, carrots, broccoli


-a protein drink from fresh juices

-nuts, cheese, and piece of dark chocolate

-raw almonds and dark chocolate chips! (thanks Mom!)

-green peppers (a fav of mine) and the other bell peppers sliced up-alone, on sandwiches or wraps, thrown in with other stuff like beans, chili, etc or with a little ranch dip

-trail mix...sunflower seeds, almonds, banana chips, dried cranberries, and some chocolate m&ms

-Balance bars, pretzels, animal crackers, carrots......
-mini bagel with peanut butter

-A.L.T. Sandwich-Avocado, Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Alfalfa Sprouts, Celtic Sea, Salton Sprouted Grain bread

-Chopped vegetable salad-Jicama, Baby Italian Greens, Oil cured olives (or just giant pitted black olives), Zucchini, Purple Cabbage, Mung Bean Sprouts, Tomatoes (cherry or grape tomatoes)

-baby carrots or just chop up actual carrots

-Bolthouse carrot juice,

-sugar snap peas

-apples (Honeycrisp with a sprinkle of lemon juice so they don't get brown), slices of mozzerella and crackers and put them in the tupperware
-Trader Joes veggie dip made of yogurt/chives/cilantro-with veggies and bruschetta crackers

-Trader Joes roasted garlic hummus on crackers (or sprouted bread with avocado!)

Thanks again...off to work on schoolwork-it's crunch time and all your suggestion from a time before about the OB/GYN office are being put into full-force! I have to say my readers are the best :)!

Today, I am grateful for: all of you!, friends, family, God.



SweetAnnee said...

GREAT Healthy ideas..and YUMMY too
smiles, Deena

Dee said...

And I am grateful for you my dear.

These are great ideas! Yay food!