My Escape

Late at night, when it's quiet and people are sleeping, there I am-curled up under blankets and sheets with a single lamp shining behind my head. I get lost for awhile with my book or magazine. It's something to look forward to after long days, long procedures, or whatever the day brings. It also assures that I am relaxed enough to fall asleep afterwards and have no trouble doing so. The better the book, the better the experience, like the book I am pretty obsessed with right now, The Memory Keeper's Daugther by Kim Edwards. I am a little over half way through it. It's one of those books-you can't wait to see what is going to happen yet you know you are going to be sad when it's over and you are left to try to find another book that lives up to that one. The last one was up there too- The Choice by Nicholas Sparks.

I guess it all began when my parents read to me before bed while growing up. Thank you, parents and I will definitely do the same with my children.


Today, I am grateful for a wonderful lunch with a friend, a little walking through the mall, working out, not too much homework, a fun drawing project, a great weekend, family, friends, that my sister-in-law and her baby got to travel, God.



Anonymous said...

So much to be thankful for. :-) I am thankful that lately I've been able to get so much done...and that I still choose sleep over work when I really need to do so!!! *hugs* I hope 25 is a GOOD YEAR!

Anonymous said...

Me too! Without a book I feel so imcomplete. I am laying in bed now with the lap top and it is NOT THE SAME!!! I have all my books posted on FACEBOOK. We will have to share books. Let's meet soon. Hope you are well. My little patient from Honduras is quite spunky. She REALLY hates needles!!!
Sara C.

Anonymous said...

I love that book! I should have given that to you long ago!! Hope I gave you enough to keep you busy for a bit yesterday. It was great to see you and we'll do it again soon!