Have you ever been somewhere and felt like you just knew this is not what you wanted to do with your life? That happens to me a lot lately. I know that what I am doing right now is not my 'calling' or do I find joy in it. Yet, I know I just need to finish out the next couple of months until I get where I need to go so I get to the place towards my goal. At the same time, I want to savor each day and not rush time. I choose to focus on the positives-things that feel genuine and perfect-like the upcoming speeches and events to inspire and help others and even better, meet amazing people that inspire ME! I'm excited for my birthday and Easter coming up-time with family and friends and God, which are the most important things to me.

Please keep my nephew in your prayers. He's only 4 months old and pretty sick and has been off and on since his birth. He's so cute :).

Today, I am grateful for: a lighter class day, working out again with my fiance, love, friends, family, God and life!!



Anonymous said...

I have definitely been there before...and I am kinda there now! My classes are not focused on my area of interest. And I have to start an internship next year as part of the program, and they can literally place me anywhere doing anything. I fear that I will feel that I am wasting 16 hours a week. That is the thing about us...we know the value of time a lot more. Hundreds of hours in a semester is a lot of time to give to something that is not your calling. So I hope and pray I can find some value in whatever I'm doing. It is a stepping stone to where I want to be, but if it sucks life out of me, I know there is only so much I will take! Life is too short!

You are doing great girl...almost on to the next step. :-)

Lindsay said...

Thinking of your nephew!! I know what you mean, sometimes I feel cancer threw me for a loop and made me 2498236478236 miles from my goals. A day at a time right? You're so close!

lahdeedah said...

So happy about your MRI results. And, you're such a young little chick--you have years before you to figure out your true calling. Just keep doing things you love, and your calling will broadcast itself loud and clear to you. Love to your nephew. And you.