Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week

I almost forgot (and the week is half over now!) but it's Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week!

Kudos to everyone who is advocating and standing up for young adult survivors (meaning everyone diagnosed with cancer) and for those fighting it every day!

It inspires me every day!

Today, I am grateful for: wonderful organizations, life, God, family and friends.


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Henrike said...

Hey Rachel!

I'm applying to be a delegate for the Livestrong summit this year. I wasn't planning to, but some people from the LAF convinced me that I'd be a great addition to the summit, so let's see what'll happen. Still trying to figure out how to pay for the flight, since I'm not a US resident, I'm not eligible for the scholarship, but I'm trying to have a positive attitude- if I'm accepted, I'm sure I'll be excited enough to think of a way to get the money! Just wanted to let you know, since you went to the summit in Austin, right?

This is my first week of going back to school after my recurrence- as expected, it's tough, but very exciting. I'm tired whenever I come home, but wouldn't miss it for the world. It's good to be back!

Hope you're doing good. Hugs, Henrike.