Interesting Take on Cancer

Last week I came across an interesting essay written by a young adult (27 year old) with cancer. It is the winner of Glamour magazine's annual essay contest (that I actually entered too).

This woman, Andrea Coller, and her story are not your 'typical upbeat cancer story'. She's very real and I appreciated seeing someone write about their true feelings. I can relate to some it and just enjoyed seeing someone else's view. Amongst her angst, I still see hope which shows itself differently in everyone.

Warning if you read it, some of it is pretty detailed with raw accounts of medical stuff and it's pretty sad but also inspiring.

Here's the link: http://www.glamour.com/news/articles/2008/05/essay_winner

(and yay to Glamour for featuring a story about a young adult cancer survivor!)

Today, I am grateful for: a really fun and belated dinner tonight, exams coming so close to being over (thurs.), a wonderful weekend, and so much more, God, friends, family.



Wild About Words said...


That was an incredible essay. I loved how she wrote that people think you have an amazing perspective, when sometimes you feel more messed up and confused than before. I was shattered to read, at the end, that the young author just died.

Thanks so much for sharing the essay. I'll be passing it along.

All best,

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks for commenting-I definitely thought it was worth sharing :).

borcherding said...

Hi there. Thanks so much for posting that link. That essay was amazing. So raw and real. Wow. It was hard to read. I am definitely picking up the issue so I can keep the article as a reminder to always keep my perspective on the big picture and concentrate on the things that REALLY matter. It really sucked to read that cancer won the battle.... peace and blessings, Cindy B.

Lindsay said...

Wow was that essay raw. It was so great though, the anger and frustration we go though. I'm so sad to see she passed away...

kris said...

Rachel, thanks for posting Andrea's story. I had the pleasure of sharing some time and laughs with Andrea over the last few years and actually heard parts of that essay the day they were written. Andrea passed away last week--but I think she'd be happy to know that people like you are sharing her story with others.

kj said...

rachel, i had the pleasure of knowing and writing with andrea also. i can tell you her last weekend was courageously filled with her writing buddies, her unique humor,and warm music. her loss is irreplacable. it is so gratifying to read your acknowledgement and connection with her essay.

best wishes,