So much...

So much going on and so much to write about! I really have been struggling to figure out which thing to write about. We are looking at places to live and places to travel. There's been wedding stuff (invites went out today!-yay for that!) and a couple doctor's appointments (everything's pretty good on that front).

The big walk (the one I'm one of 2 honorary ambassadors for) is this Saturday which should be a blast with friends and family and new friends. The commencement speech is about 2 weeks away and I need to get working more on that (any suggestions-it's a high school one?? you've always been so helpful in the past!) I also have a couples party thrown for Gabe and I on Saturday and my second shower on Sunday!

I've been filling out tons of scholarship forms for the fall and trying to catch up with family and friends now that I've been released from school. That has been a great feeling-that's still sinking in-and I'm realizing all the stuff I put aside while I was busy with school projects.

Hope everyone is doing well...please check in-I love hearing from all my readers!!

Today, I am grateful for a beautiful day and foot massage, disc golf with my fiance, dinner with a friend, friends, family and God.



Henrike said...

Hey Rachel-

wow- balancing your wedding preparations, scholarship applications, cancer advocacy and your personal life- what can I say, you rock!

Nothing new on the Livestrong summit "front"- due to the fact that we all encouraged people to apply, they need more time to get through all the applications. The waiting period always was and still is the toughest part about being a cancer survivor. I'll let you know once I find out.

I've been busy trying to think of ways to improve cancer advocacy in Europe. First, but very small step, I took is forming a Livestrong Army Europe group. It's still brand new, but people are already expressing interest to join, so I'm all excited about that.

Still trying to figure out the right treatment for my hypothyroidism- last week's blood results were a bit lower than usual, but still in the acceptable scale, so we're sticking with the medication dosis for the time being.

School is going better- still can't concentrate that well, but everyone is great and trying to help me with the transition of going back.

Enjoy your pre-wedding parties/showers. Did you decide whether or not you're going to Ohio, yet?

Hugs, Henrike.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about the walk on Saturday! I'm bringing a friend too! And your invites are so cute! Very excited for the wedding as well. Did you forget about the golf tournament on Monday? Are you still going to the dinner! We'll talk on Saturday! See you then!