Wellness Community Walk

First off, THANK YOU to all the people who came out, who donated and supported me throughout the prep work and walk today!

It was awesome-the weather, the turnout, and tons of support from family and friends. I was blown away!

The 3.7 mile walk was around a beautiful lake. With temperatures in the 70s and catching up with people, it went by incredibly fast. Before the start of the walk, I was able to say a few words on stage and they awarded me a special medal as an honorary team ambassador, which was a nice surprise.

After the walk, I started to think about cancer in my family's life and how much has changed because of it in the past 10 years-t-shirts in our closets from charity walks and events, cancer magazines laying around the house, medical supplies floating around in various closets, and the best part-so many new and wonderful friends in our lives!!

Today, I am grateful for family, friends, life, TODAY and God!!



Anonymous said...

Thank YOU for inviting me to be a part of the walk! We had a lot of fun and couldn't have asked for better weather! Sorry we had to cut the walk short...wish I could've done the longer route with you!

Dee said...

It is my pleasure to list your blog on mine. I enjoy your entries.
Will you be attending the LiveStrong Summit in July?


Dee said...

Yes I will also be at the Summit . We will have to make plans to meet up.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the walk even though I technically couldn't walk. It was a beautiful day and I sat on a bench watching the water; very peaceful.