Just Practicing...

Sorry I have been somewhat neglectful of the blog...I have been busy but haven't felt much was blog-worthy!

No, that is not me in my wedding dress above...my dress is actually quite different than either of those but I got to model in a charity fashion show tonight. SO much fun! I had complimentary hair and make-up done this afternoon and then got to strut my stuff-pool side-in two beautiful gowns. It was a great event for a fabulous cause! Which one is your favorite of the two?

I was touched by a girl about 8 years old who was also a model. She was timid at first until my friend (also a cancer survivor) and I went and talked to her (her hair was thinning severely from chemo, so we could tell she was a cancer patient) and her mom-they we standing alone and looked uncomfortable. I could tell that she was excited to know someone acknowledged her and had fought the same disease (so many of the other volunteer models were not cancer-related and walked right past them). Towards the end she gave me a 'good luck' and 'don't trip!' as I went onto the 'runway'. I was touched greatly!

Today, I am grateful for special experiences, fun opportunities and most of all-the support and love of friends, family and God.



Anonymous said...

Isn't it fun to practice :). My favorite was the second dress. You looked very beautiful when you came by yesterday with your hair and makeup done.


Ria said...

Getting ready for the big day? Just a warning - I am sure I will cry, but good thing is no one will be looking at me:)

Lori B said...

Beautiful! I like the neckline on the second one best. I'm so glad you reached out to that little girl, I'm sure it meant a lot to her and her mother, too.

Rachel's sister said...

I'll be crying with Maria! Someone have the box of puffs ready! :)
You looked absolutely stunning in both dresses last night, but having seen you in your "real" wedding dress, neither one compares to how beautiful you look in it. (Of course, I am the biased older sister - lol)
Love you sooooo much!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks ladies! I was a fan of the second one too!

Anonymous said...

My vote is for the first one...but then I love strapless...can't wait to see you in the real one!!!! Just wanted to say THANKS for making that little 8 year old feel special...you are awesome...and have a caring/compassionate heart...maybe we can help those other people who walked by her...see that a little caring can go a long way! Your heart is so pure and sweet...keep it that way! Love ya...can't wait to see you in two weeks!!!!!


Kristin :)