Amazing How a Haircut Can Help...

The long hair-Before

The 'longer bob' but shorter hair-complete with sunglasses and 'tough girl' look-After

I was starting to finally feel better anyways but on Saturday, I got some hair chopped off and I started to feel more like 'me'. The long hair-while pretty for the wedding-just wasn't me anymore. Let me know what you think...I was going for the 'longer bob look'. I think I'll eventually get it even shorter because I really liked it that way when it was growing out after chemo, but this will work for now.

Please check back in the next few days for some super exciting news and it requires your help! I can't wait to tell you about it!

Today, I am grateful for ever exciting news, life, food, hubby, family, friends and God.



Rachel's sister said...

love the new do! and dig the "i'm hiding from the paparazzi" sunglasses. :) you're going to need them! lol Love you!

Anonymous said...

ah you look like a movie star in this picture! I love the hair.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize how long your hair had gotten! I love your new cut, very cute.