Liz's Beautiful Post

You may remember my post from the other day. I know some of you have asked about the baby and we truly appreciate your prayers.

Liz wrote about the experience on her blog-please read and leave a comment if you so wish :).

I've been sick since we got back from the honeymoon with various things. I hope I feel better soon because I'm scheduled to leave for the LiveStrong Summit on Thursday!

Today, I am grateful for: a great life, friends, family and God!


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Henrike said...

No no no, didn't I tell you getting sick is not an option? I'm so looking forward to finally meet you, and now this! Well, pamper yourself for the next 2 days and take extra good care.

If you'll make it to Ohio, and we don't recognize each other, make sure to step by the Livestrong Army "You" booth on Saturday 9:30 to 10:30 am, located in Mershon Auditorium. That's my shift- just step by and say hello.

Sending you lots of good thoughts and hope you'll be better real soon.