A Whole New Life

So much to share and so many blog posts I have written in my head over the past few weeks/months that just never made it onto the computer...now only if I could dig those up somehow! I hope some people are still around to read this!

The wedding truly went off without a hitch-the weather could not have been better (the weatherman on TV said it was the nicest 4th of July weekend he had ever seen). The guests all seemed to have a good time and all the vendors were on top of their game. Words can't express how great the day was-very dream-like. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped. I LOVE YOU!

It's back to reality after a beautiful week on the shores of Riveria Maya, Mexico. It was perfect care-free and my husband and I really enjoyed ourselves. We drank lots of virgin pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris and ate wayyyyy too much food and ice cream (couldn't get enough of the coconut ice cream and fresh watermelon at most meals!) We pretty much stayed on the all-inclusive resort and bought a couple souvenirs (one from an amazing artist who painted with his fingers). I painted some pottery and Gabe tried darts and archery. We got asked to be in the bikini and 'banana contest' but politely declined...

Reality was today. Running around to new places around our new condo. Carefully looking up the Social Security office, the license bureau office, post office, etc. It was accidentally signing my old name at the license bureau and having the lady tell me, "You're kind of slow, wake up, grrl!" It was being told they were out of the stamps I needed and having to get some other kind. It was a reality day of lots of mindless waiting, waiting and more waiting.

Oh well, sometimes vacations are nice and sometimes reality is nice. Just depends on how you look at it, I guess. I should take some notes from the priest at the license place-he kindly would ask if he could sit down to wait and then chat a bit if the person next to him would allow it (I watched from afar and would not have minded a chat to pass the time!)

Today, I am grateful for: a new marriage, a new home (even if it's still quite chaotic), a new speaking engagement coming up out of town (more on that later), friends, God and an amazing family (now I have 2 amazing ones officially!)



Anonymous said...

So glad you had fun on your honeymoon! The wedding was beautiful and I wish I could've made it to the reception! I want to see pics soon so we'll have to do lunch! Thank you for including me in your special day!

Nick Raitt said...

Congrats on the wedding! Thats sounds like Mexico was really awesome. Maybe I should get married so I can go on vacation. Jk I am a freshman at college now. PARTY! ha just kidding.
Scope out my profile... I just got back from this summer camp called First Descents. Dont know if you know anything about it but it was the funnest ever. You have to go next summer!

Henrike said...

Congratulations to both of you!

Sounds like Mexico was the right choice for a honeymoon. A week at the beach sounds great- with all the rain we're getting at the moment ;-)

Off to Columbus in a week- can't wait!