Chef Rachel

So this 'being a wife' thing has gotten me pretty domestic, pretty quick. When people have been asking me how married life is going (almost a month now!), simply said: "Great!" and "Fun!"

I have been cooking almost every night and it's been really fun with no repeats so far! Some nights are more lazy like chicken nuggets and broccoli and other nights are like grilled salmon, asparagus w/ olive oil, toasted sourdough w/ feta and olive oil. Yum!

I keep thinking of new ideas and was given so many great cookbooks for wedding gifts (I wanted them!) I haven't even delved into the cookbooks yet.

I thought I'd share a really easy "recipe" I threw together (& made up) last night that I think would be great for kids, college kids, whoever!

Take pita pockets (whole wheat, flavored, whatever you prefer-I used whole wheat), spoon sauce on top (I used a basil tomato sauce in a jar), add whatever cheeses you like (I used a bag of shredded 'pizza cheese'), then add whatever toppings you like on pizza (we used turkey pepperoni, a sprinkling of bacon bits, lots of green peppers, cherry tomatoes cut up, and cooked hamburger). Put in a toaster oven- put on Toast setting between medium and dark and let cook.

It was quite yummy and very quick to make.

Please share some of your favorite easy recipes :)!!

Today, I am grateful for a weekend with family and friends, for a great hubby, for lovely days, a wonderful last night with oldie but goody cancer friends, for everything God allows for in life.



The Blogger said...

Look at you miss domestic goddess! I hope you're enthusiasm stays up. It all sounds really yummy.
You asked for quick things to make- Jerod and I keep a big tub of organic greens washed and in the fridge to add a quick veggie/salad to any meal!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, just checking to see whats new with you! Congrats on the wedding! You are a busy woman. I look forward to my issue of CURE and reading your article. I'll keep checking back for more "Glamour" news! Hunter is doing well. Ready to enter 5th grade in 2 weeks. He's a growing, wild little boy. We just completed our annual fundraiser.Visit us at http://cruisinforkids.tripod.com

Anonymous said...

hey sister :) Ok so I have a recipe for you and I call it the "tall dressing" chicken...

take thawed out chicken breasts and lightly coat each piece of chicken with the "tall dressing" (Gabe should remember what this is or you really can use any brand of vidalia onion dressing) then roll each chicken breast in Italian bread crumbs....then all you have to do is bake at 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes or so....it is very delicious with potatos of any kind and fresh green beans :o)

adventure grrl said...

Congrats girl! I miss seeing you around my blog. PS, I love yours :)

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks everyone!

I enjoyed hearing from you :).

Anonymous said...

Easy Chicken
1. marinate frozen bnlss/skinless chicken in ziploc bag w/ italian dressing for the day (I think Aldi's sells the best tasting frozen bags of chicken btw - cheap too).
2. Cut up 1 red onion (or half on an onion for just 2 ppl) & some mushrooms (FRESH NOT FROM A JAR). Cook the onions w/ olive oil, a pinch of brown sugar & a dash of worcstershire sauce. When they got soft, add mushrooms, cook till you think they look good.
3. Grill the chicken (or cook in oven 350 for 35 minutes uncovered). When chicken is almost done, cover w/ onions/mushrooms and a slice of provel cheese. Cook till the cheese melts. YUMMY.

ALSO - we love the Trader Joe's Cabernet Pot Roast. You literally put it in the crock pot w/ a cup of red wine and let it cook all day. Boil new potatos, steam broccoli and yum you have a meal! (although for you guys it would last all week)

Sara Clark
(BTW cooking came very slow to me but now I enjoy it - Tom Stephan gave me the mushroom/onion recipe which he puts on burgers and is awesome)