Hi everyone!

I need your help and it's pretty simple. My friend Kelly nominated me for Glamour Magazine's Woman of the Year contest. I ended up being one of 5 finalists (it's based on charitable work)!

The public decides the winner so I hope you can vote and also spread this to people you know! Feel free to forward it via email, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc :)

The link for the contest is: https://secure.glamour.com/magazine/sweeps/woman_of_the_year_2008/entry/long/


There is a Facebook event (feel free to use it to send out the word!) set up at: http://www.facebook.com/editevent.php?guests&eid=32220966997#/event.php?eid=32220966997

There is also my website if anyone wants to know more about me: www.obsessedwithlife.com

Feel free to leave questions!




Anonymous said...

hi rachel..
its sammi, i just thought i would say hi and that i miss you so much
and congradulations on your marrage i love you.

Henrike said...

Hi Rachel,

I did my part and hopefully got you some votes by posting messages about you on my myspace page, facebook (that wedding picture on facebook is absolutely gorgeous), crazy sexy cancer, and even the Livestrong summit message board. I'll write a post about you on my blog tomorrow and I really keep my fingers crossed that it'll help.

I know all of the finalists have great stories and are very inspiring, but you truely deserve to win (and I'm not just saying that because I'm biased or because I feel you are a friend even though we've never met in real life).


kfingland said...

Hey Rachel. I just got this email from the SJA list and am so happy I stumbled across your blog and all this awesome news about you. This is Katie Morrell (now Fingland--yes, Bryan and I got married, hopefully you remember him from KU). We heard from Amy that you got married and couldn't have been happier. I hope marriage is going wonderful for you, its such a fun experience and journey. I also saw that you are going into art therapy--how cool! I'm actually an art teacher and am going to train my dog to be a therapy dog to go to hospitals and such. I'd love to hear from you, but know you've got tons of stuff going on! Drop me a line if you ever get a chance: kfingland@gmail.com. Have a most wonderful day!

Henrike said...

Oh, and I sent some e-mails to my fellow LAF mentors and staff. Don't know if anything comes out of that, but they'll probably pass around the link, too.

Henrike said...

This is getting bigger and bigger. My fellow mentees will sent out an e-mail with the link and your story to hundreds and hundreds of their mentees and LIVESTRONG Challenge participants. And this just after sending an e-mail half an hour ago. Amazing. I used to volunteer for a political campaign, but this is so much more fun and a better cause, too ;-)

Anonymous said...

post some wedding pics on here would you? sara clark

Brian Dowd said...

Rachel - I will post about this oon my blog and wish you the best. I hope you WIN!

Christen Marie Suda said...

I know you have probably been bombarded with e-mails lately. You are truly an inspiration to everyone. Your courage and positive mindset are to some, unattainable. You have proved that the impossible is possible. Congratulations on the marriage! You are beautiful! Keep smiling!
With hopes, prayers, and best wishes,
Christen Suda

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks so much everyone!! I love hearing from you and thanks for your amazing support, as always!