Plaque in the Grade School Library

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(Still stumped by the Glamour magazine thing...)

But, I was excited to hear tonight that people were fighting over the painting (above) that I donated to a charity's silent auction. It was for a new children's hospital that is being built at the hospital where I was treated.

Anyways, the family that ended up with it, goes to the church I went to growing up and their kids go to the grade school. So, they donated it to my former grade school (where we still know a lot of the teachers, etc.). They are going to put it up in the library with a plaque for all time. How cool! I have a lot of great friends from grade school (case in point: one came in town today and we hung out at the condo for awhile, a few were at the wedding or in the wedding or were invited) and a lot of great memories were made there. This will be pretty neat. I look forward to going and seeing it at some point!

Today, I am grateful for kind people, seeing old friends ;), getting a new SUV!, family, friends and of course, God.



Anonymous said...

Very exciting about the painting. I know I enjoy the one you gave me. It is in a place where I see it every day.


Anonymous said...

very very cool!!

ps: I'm in town now!! However I'm still unpacking an apartment's worth of stuff into my old room - ah! And I'm leaving in a few days for DC - BUT - I look forward to spending more time with you in the near future :)