Urgent Glamour Contest Update

Many of you may have gotten an email today saying: "Thank you for voting for Your Woman of the Year. We are sorry that, due to a technical issue, we were unable to accurately collect the votes. In an effort to correct the issue, we are starting the vote count over to give each woman an equal chance to win this honor.Please resubmit Your Woman of the Year vote. You will still be eligible to win a fall getaway to Alberta, Canada even if you choose not to resubmit your vote. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I understand this is very frustrating but if you would please continue to vote each day and spread the word about this, I would be so grateful.


We'll show them that we can overcome obstacles (as usual!).



Rachel's sister said...

Stupid computer glitches! But, you have the absolute right attitude about all! :) And if you don't win, we'll simply have to question the validity of their voting system. hee hee


Love you!

Wild About Words said...

Hi, Rachel,

We've been voting for you . . . again.

Also wanted to let you know that a friend with cancer began a blog: http://facingcancer.blogspot.com/ He hopes to connect with other cancer patients. Perhaps you could pass the word about the blog to those in the cancer community.

Hope you are well and happy.

All best,