Why Winning is Important to Me

Besides being naturally competitive-I played basketball a large portion of my life and then field hockey, soccer, track, etc.-there is more to winning this Glamour contest than just competitiveness.

I think it gives the young adult cancer community-and cancer community in general-a place to be heard. It allows me to touch more people than I am now. I think one of the reasons I am still alive is to help others.

I think it can show what you CAN do as a survivor (and not the limitations)-not just of cancer even, but of other illnesses, diseases, etc. That the illness and its effects will remain for a long time and for a lot of people like me-forever. But that life goes on and you must deal with it.

That there is a way to give back to people and being open to others' battles in life and by doing that, you heal yourself in some ways.

I think it's really important to advocate when I can for people :).

If I win, I really feel it will be a victory for all of us because I will be thinking about how a bunch of amazing people-many I've never even met-stood behind me and supported me.

Thanks again.

I'll leave you with a quote I heard the other day on the radio about being bald-

"I am not losing my hair, I just am getting more scalp in!"

Today, I am grateful for support, friendship, amazing family and hubby and God.


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AJay Piniewski said...

Anyone who battles through what you have has my vote. I have experience with childhood cancer as my son AJ fought courageously, valiantly and gracefully for 8 months, before leaving us on January 5, 2008. I know what you have been through. I appreciate your battle. Help spread the word of childhood/young adult cancer...if you can click here and take a minute to read, maybe you can help. Thanks, AJs Dad

Raise Awareness of Childhood Cancer!