...some pictures.
The rolling hills of Tucson-filled with cacti

More of the view from the resort

Me with Paige Hemmis and Eduardo Xol from Extreme Home Makeover

The unveiling of the new home-Martirezs and Ty Pennington

Also today's speech was for a group of retired nuns. They were a wonderful, attentive group. I had some of my 'fan club' there-mom, dad, mother-in-law and Gabe-Thanks!

Today, I am grateful to make it through such a busy day in one piece, naps, friends, family, supportive people, God and husband!!


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Meg Rodgers said...


I somehow stumbled onto your blog. To say that you are a shining light to those of us in the cancer world is a understatement. I love the title of the blog, and after reading more of your story, am a believer in miracles.

I think you'd get along with my fiance Dan. He is 26 and a 3 year survivor of stave iv lung cancer. He was diagnosed out of the blue while he was in grad school- non-smoker, athlete, golf coach & overall lover of life. We are still very much in the fight, and it's just so wonderful to read your story and feel the optimism coming through. Sometimes it seems impossible to be brave when facing tough odds, so I am glad to have your story as a reminder that it's possible to be brave & live a wonderful, full life.

We also have a blog about living with cancer. Maybe you'll visit us sometime. Meanwhile, you made a beautiful bride! Love that you wore your Livestrong bracelet!

Best wishes-