Los Angeles/Anaheim

I apologize for the delay in this HUGE news but the second I stepped off the plane Sunday night, I really have not sat down much at the computer-if not for schoolwork or a couple emails...2 babysitting jobs this week (one every day, one two days a week) plus a full week of classes and whatnot! It's definitely wearing...

Gabe and I were in L.A/Anaheim area on Saturday and Sunday for the official launch of the Cameron Siemers Foundation for Hope!

Where to begin to tell you about this AMAZING trip? There's a video that can be found here: http://www.ocregister.com/juice/2008/09/23

More important than meeting and hanging out with Courtney Cox and David Arquette (who by the way, are very amazing and genuine and would not talk to reporters about anything personal-only the charity event, which is very cool!), was meeting Cameron Siemers and his incredible team of people that run the foundation.

In case you missed that "wink, wink" in my former post-I was the first life grant recipient (which by the way-I have a fair amount of friends and people who read this who qualify and should go apply NOW for one-I mentioned a lot of you and they told me to tell you pronto!). Most of you know 'my story' or at least the cancer part but here is the 2nd half of the small speech I gave at the event,

For so long I didn’t seem to have a future. One of my life goals was to get married-which happily occurred this summer. Some day we’d like to have children too. I would like to continue the national inspirational speaking I have already been doing in addition to the writing, charity work and art. One of my most important goals though is to become an art therapist-working with children and giving back to the caner community. But in a broader sense, one day my husband and I hope to open a fine arts and athletic center for people of all ages with chronic illnesses. Because of my experiences through cancer and working with many other types of organizations, I have seen a strong need for this. People with a broad range of illnesses have much to gain from these therapies and being with each other. I still have many obstacles ahead of me-including life-long health effects and about 4 or more years of schooling but I am up for the challenge! This is a new beginning for my future and I am truly obsessed with living life. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to help me pursue my dreams!

My husband and I cannot say enough about this foundation and the people we met through it. I LOVE that it is inclusive of all life-threatening illnesses, not just exclusive of cancer or one in particular. Cameron's story is so powerful and he is a gentle, strong spirit that I immediately connected with. I am sooo incredibly grateful to this organization for their help and support and look forward to our future together!

Today, I am grateful for love, happiness, health, amazing people, hubby, family, friends and GOD who makes it all possible.

Lots of love,


Lori B said...

Congrats! I know you'll see your dream come true!

Thuy said...

Rachel, I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip to LA. Congratulations on being the recipient!!

I so wish I was around tomorrow to see you, but I'm leaving tonight to visit my sister in Memphis. Let's definitely find a time to connect when you're on campus. I'd love to see you soon.

Nicole Brashears said...

hello i know you don't know who I am but I was at this event for the Cameron Simers foundation for Hope and I heard you speak. I am actually Camerons cousin and I have started a club for his foundation at school and this sat we have an event and I was wondering if you could give me some info about you just like a short story about you like cams on his web site so i could have it at the event.my e mail is Nicole1026@gmail.com please let me know