New Friends

Lately, I've made some new friends-some of them under the age of 7 or so! I really think it's wonderful to make friends of all ages...there's never really a group of people that I do not feel like I fit into to as far as age goes. When I am on adult committees or when I used to review clinical trials on an IRB, people always worried that I felt 'young' or whatever. Nope.

I truly think there is much to be learned from people of all ages, cultures, types, etc. I/We can learn to see the world from others' perspectives and see what we do and don't want to incorporate into our own lives.

That's about it for now...posts may be a bit scarce the next couple weeks-I have time-consuming babysitting jobs (more than usual) lined up, a speaking engagement (in town) and a quick out of town trip Saturday and Sunday and full-time school, etc. Should be interesting...

Today, I am grateful for: many lovely things!


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Kieran Doherty said...

Rachel. Thanks for the lift. A mutual friend, Donna G., suggested I read your blog. I'm glad she did.
I'm a writer facing terminal, stage three lung cancer. I, like you, am pressing on, one day at a time. Your blog helps.
Donna said you might want to check out my blog, facingcancer.blogspot.com