Great Blog

There are so many wonderful blogs that I read and one that consistently impresses me is the by the company, simplehuman.

It all started with what my husband dubs as his 'favorite wedding gift' (since you know, according to him, all the gifts were girly ;))-this gift is pictured above. It's the sensor soap pump by simplehuman. It's like when you go to a public place and the soap automatically dispenses and cuts down on germs :). It is, indeed, a great wedding gift!

When I checked out their website, intrigued by what other products they carried, I stumbled on the blog and was pleasantly surprised with a plethora of useful information on an almost daily basis from ways to get organized to what seafood is safer to eat!

More on next mystery trip later!

Today, I am grateful for my friends, family and God and all the other wonderfulness!


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Ria said...

Ohh, ohh ohh - I want one of those! Think of all the germs that would not be spread everywhere:)