Pill Minus One

Pills (and obviously medicines in general) have been a HUGE part of my life since cancer entered it. At one point I was on probably 35-40 pills. Then, later, I was really happy with 20. Earlier this year, one pill actually did so much good, I was able to stop taking 6 other pills (it's wonderful!).

I bring this up because last week I was able to (or at least try to) eliminate one more pill from the regimen. It has been since last Thursday that I have taken it-it's for stomach acid and intestinal pain (so much damage was done during transplant when my intestines' linings sloughed off and also when my gall bladder had to be removed). I think it's going ok. I've had some pain but I'm not sure if it's just from all the junk I ate over the weekend-haha. Time will tell and I hope to be off one more pill for good. Although, as I've seen, pills can leave and others will come depending on the situation. They are a fact of my life and they usually help me feel better :).

Current Total Pill count (if I don't take the as-needed ones for pain or nausea, etc.): 9!

Nine is Fine-with me :).

Today, I am grateful for a great exam grade on an exam I thought I did horribly, friends, family, God.



Anonymous said...

Wow, nine is pretty darn good! Congrats. :-)

Mamacita said...

Yeah for nine pills!

Matthew Zachary said...

Rachel – I don't have your email or phone number (or any way of contacting you other than this blog comment) - We have to connect about your appearance on next Monday's Stupid Cancer Radio Show Broadcast. Please email me at mz@i2y.com. Thanks! Matthew Zachary