Another Small Medical Mystery

So, about the time we were in NY, an upper right tooth started hurting when I was eating or flossing. I just ignored it and then it continued until now. Yesterday morning I dragged myself out of bed and trucked out to the dentist's office (thankfully, I know him well ;))

Well, the x-ray showed no crack or cavity and upon closer observation, not much was seen. Then, I had a bit of the tooth filed to help with putting pressure on it when I bite...hopefully that will help? Another idea was that I'm grinding my teeth and don't know it-like when I'm sleeping. Hmm.

Another pain mystery. Oh so fun ;). And yes, my hand is still numb? My Dr. is working on the case!

Today, I am grateful for a wonderful Saturday and a relaxing Sunday ahead, for friends, family, God.



Anonymous said...

Something about New York, I'm telling you :) Diana

Rachel's sister said...

Your big sis has been known to grind her teeth at night too. :) Hope it's better! Love you!

Meaghan said...

I just found out im a grinder too. I think its all the stress...hope you feel better soon and Im always thinkin of ya!