The Glamour Awards Recap

Highlights from beginning to end of the Glamour Women of the Year event night:

-Getting picked up in a special car with a driver

Walking the red carpet and having photographers yell "Rachel, look here"

Hanging out in the VIP Suite

Meeting Kara Walker

Meeting Nujood Ali and Shada Nasser

Sitting in the front row!

-Seeing lots of inspirational people walk right in front of us or be on stage so close

-Hearing lots of touching things that left me feeling inspired

-Getting to tell Condoleezza Rice 'Congratulations' as she walked by at the end

-Speaking with CEO of global Chanel, Maureen Chiquet

and so much more!

Today, I am grateful to have only one more class to make it through, for getting to eat healthy food again and that the food doesn't cost a fortune (like nyc), for hope, family, friends and God.



Dee said...

What an awesome night! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

It looked like a wonderful evening. I couldn't believe you were seated in the front row! Wear your title proud.