Medical (Possible) Drama

The Glamour Women of the Year Awards last night was super amazing and I will promise I will write about it (and show you pics) as soon as I can but the last few days (while in NY) my finger and hand have been numb, tingly, etc (scary b/c these are symptoms I've had when I was diagnosed in the past). I put off thinking about it until this morning on the way to the airport to come home and called my beloved Dr (and also got very worried-thinking about the past and the worst). He had me come right in-straight from the airport.

He's treating it as carpal tunnel for now. I'm going to wear a wrist brace for a week and watch the symptoms closely. I would be so relieved if this is all it was-something that can be managed. But of course, I think we all have concerns of what it could be...and I am too exhausted from the past few days to write much more.

Stay tuned...

Here's a preview of me on the red carpet-http://www.patrickmcmullen.com/website/pmc_screens/Event_selects.aspx?page=6&Event_ID=13074

Today, I am grateful for an absolutely great weekend, for family, friends and God.


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Meaghan said...

You are always in my thoughts and prayers! Reading this makes me a little scared, not going to lie. You are such a strong woman and you have been through so much. You deserve nothing but joys in your life. I will pray extra hard for you tonight. Please keep us all posted!

I can't wait to see the pictures and get the magazine! I hope you soaked it up and enjoyed yourself, you earned it girl!