Money in the Mini-Vac

Who knew when I was cleaning out the mini-vac that it would be STUFFED and on top of everything would be various monetary coins...a fair amount of them? I don't recall sucking up money-nor would I, intentionally. My husband seems to have been puzzled by it too.

I'm not complaining-it's probably enough to get a snack from the vending machine at school. I dropped them all in the sink with hot water and stuff to sanitize them after their stay in the vac.

In general, I get pretty excited to find money on the ground-whether it's an old penny or more. It also reminds me of a time in my life where I would take a penny from time to time and toss it out the car window or leave it somewhere for someone to find. I had hoped that the person finding it would get excited like I do. Perhaps, I will begin that personal tradition again...

Today, I am grateful for God and lots!


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