Stupid Cancer Radio Show tonight 8c/9p!


See you then!



Lindsay said...

oh my gosh I want to listen to you!

Sarah said...

Hi Rachel,

Don't see an email address but this works just as well - and then others can see the links too!

I've been involved in writing groups that have been amazing for people affected by health issues. (If you want, you can read about me here for more info about my experience: www.sarahwenstrand.org)

But want I wanted to let you know about are the following groups, books and links. My experiences are doing them as an adult but they would probably also work great with adolescents and possibly young children. I'd be happy to discuss them with you if you have any questions.

Amherst Writers & Artists

The founder, Pat Schneider, wrote the book "Writing Alone and With Others" and there's another called "Poet Healer" that was compiled by Lawrence "Chip" Spann.

The local (N. CA) groups that I write with who use the same general approach:

And I write at Stanford Cancer Center with the woman from that final link, Sharon Bray, who wrote a book, "When Words Heal: Writing Through Cancer" as well as others.

I also participated in a painting retreat through a group that, interestingly, does a method similar to the writing but with paint! It's called The Painting Experience (with Stuart Cubley)


All the best for a wonderful life! And enjoy these next 365 days as Glamor Woman of the Year!!! :)


Rachel's sister said...

Since I was in class last night, I couldn't listen to the radio show...but I just did, and I am SOOOOOO proud of you!!! I even cried while I listened. :) You are such a beautiful, amazing, inspiring woman and I am grateful beyond words to have you in my life! Love you sweet girl!