Strange Occurance

Yesterday, after parallel parking in a family-friendly small downtown area, I was looking down and trying to get my Treo to turn on so I could make a call. While distracted in that, I heard something-a tap or something.

Out of my peripheral vision, I could see an old man, trying to open my passenger door (thankfully it was locked). I thought maybe he had the wrong car or something. Then he started knocking on the window-it was suspicious or something. I don't know why I didn't drive away then but I ignored him and kept playing on my Treo-hoping he would just leave.

Thankfully after some more time had passed, he shuffled away from the car and just looked around. Then, he went into a hair cutting place across the sidewalk and stumbled into a seat. He proceeded to just stare at me.

I am hoping he was just out of it or something and not threatening and I really don't think he was. I was in a strange mood and was more annoyed than scared. I got my stuff, watched my surroundings and went on my way to the cafe where I was meeting a friend.

Life is strange sometimes.

Today, I am grateful for friends, family and God.



Rachel's sister said...

Next time, DRIVE AWAY! :) Love you sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

Ah creepy! Hans just told me a girl from Webster was attacked 2 nights ago. She was home alone in her house (she rents with other students) and heard a knock on her door. I guess she opened the door without looking who was there first and some guy in a mask jumped on her. She was able to get enough distance between them to kick him in the stomach and I guess he fell back, maybe got scared, and ran away. She called the cops so I hope they find out who did this. Anyway, good thing you didn't open the window! Stay safe! -Diana