Thank YOU!

Can I just say I have the best readers/contributers? Thank you always for all your kind emails, comments, phone calls, etc.

And I know there are a lot of 'silent readers' but that's ok-I want to thank you too :).

Over the past year, I have found out about so many great websites, blogs, info, friendships, etc. It's pretty awesome.

So thanks for making this an inspirational place for me and hopefully for you too!

If there's something specific you want me to write about, let me know.

Thanks again.

Today, I am grateful for my readers, for a new toilet ;) (yay!), for friends, family, hubs and God.


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Anonymous said...

I love the picture you posted on today's blog. Your daily message is always inspirational, whether people reply or not, I know you touch a lot of hearts. Also, there must be some sort of story that goes along with the new toilet?