Back on the Race Track

Vroom Vroom...after a day of one of my e-mail addresses being hacked and used to spam everyone in my address book (so sorry if you were one of them!) and dealing with a 'sick car', I am now back on track!

I am very lucky with the car situation...Murphy's (my car's name-after a little boy that passed away from cancer that I was close to years ago) back brakes had fluid leaking on them and it was causing lots of problems and essentially my car was really dangerous to drive (and I had ignored that sound and sensation for months...oops). I feel fortunate that nothing more serious happened. Plus, when picking it up today, the bill was less than what it was quoted to be last night on the phone-that's ALWAYS a nice surprise!

Today, I am grateful for: naps are my friend these days, for a great car shop, for a 'healthy car', for friends, family and God and all the help I get from those!


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