Saying 'hi' before going into the exams/end of the semester cave....I should emerge on the 18th, if not popping by to say 'hi' again sooner :).

My MRI is going to be on the 22nd and I continue to have random symptoms in my hand, arm and back...we shall see.

Additionally, we had to deal with my car getting broken into this morning (with literally nothing in it for anyone to steal...makes no sense but anyways...) but thankfully someone was able to come to us and fix it pretty quickly and it really is all about perspective. This was just one of those things that happens and there was no point in getting upset. My husband and I just worked as a team to clean the car, vacuum it out, and call around to find someone to fix it and then juggle our work schedules to make it work-all of that combined made all the difference!

Today, I am grateful for a new window, friends, husband, family, God and ways to make money to pay for these sorts of things!



Anonymous said...

What a week. Hang in there. Prayers are coming your way.

Mom L.

Mamacita said...

Having a positive attitude always helps:)

Bethany said...

Good Luck! Yay i'm not silent anymore!!

Harold said...

Hope You get beck your good day in your life. Get rid out of your all problem as soon as possible. Thank you for sharing this post.