Family and Friends

My parents, brother and of course, Gabe and his family too are truly some of my closest friends in life. I feel so fortunate to have this and feel like there is always someone to turn to when needed. I cannot imagine going through everything without them. I know I will be heartbroken when/if I lose these people in my life. People always ask me, "How did you make it through everything-and so positively?" Simply-friends, family and God. And doing art, writing, and helping others was bonus therapy.

I am SO amazed by the spirits of people I know and hear about that overcome major obstacles in life without a strong, caring family. A lot of times they find the support in friends that become family, which is truly a gift too. I wonder if I could be that strong? Reach out to those around you-you never know what they are going through.

Today, I am grateful for family, friends and God.


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Anonymous said...

Good words of wisdom. People are usually pretty good at hiding things when they are going through trials.

Mom L.