The 2 Sides of 'Good' News...

The Not-so-Good
-I caught a bad cold from the baby that I watch one day a week (he had snot everywhere the other day and I kept using the hand sanitizer every 2 minutes...guess it didn't work...)
-I still have tons to do before spring break (1 take home exam, 2 exams with tons of material, some art stuff, a group presentation, etc.)

The Good and Better
-My friend's dad got moved to a hospital back here where we live (he was out of state at a renowned facility) and is improving a little each day!
-Spring break IS near...
-Afrin is a good friend when I'm sick :)...
-I got a paper done early (for psychology class-history of anorexia)-feels awesome!
-I finished a painting for tomorrow (used up all my energy today)...hopefully I'll get some pics up on the site soon of what I've been doing in painting class
-I have 2 new jobs!
-and best of all...I have an AMAZING friend coming to visit over my spring break-she just booked her flight (I met her at a cancer survivors' retreat a few years ago and haven't gotten to see her in a long time) -I can't wait! ;)
-I'm going to bed NOW (early!)

Today, I am grateful for all of the above in the good and better section, family, friends, hubby and God!



Erica J. Thiel said...

hi rachel, I wanted to read your aite and also post a comment. I am very close in age to you and although I have a different disorder (ultra orphan genetic disorder mucopolysaccharidoses type I or MPS Hurler-Scheie. This affects very nearly all organs and body systems and I receive a weekly life-long Enzyme replacement
infusion over 4 hrs. One of the things of my disorder also causes buildup on teh spinal cord causing
degenerative disc issues, disc bulging and cord compression so it seems we have atleast some in common having had spine surgeries each.

We also have other similar interests in life and outlook on life. So anyways I just wanted to post and say you sound very amazing
and inspiring and I hope things continue to go well for you.
God Bless,

Erica www.caringbridge.org/wi/ericathiel

Anonymous said...

Feel better.
Mom L.

Kate Burton said...

There's not enough hand sanitizer in the world when the baby is sick. Hope you're feeling better soon and that you get to enjoy your visit.

Anonymous said...

HI Rachel!

Hope you are able to get everything done for your exams. Sorry to read you're sick with a cold. Hope you are able to get over it quickly. Have a great spring break!

Debbie Nagy

Bethany said...

Yay Yay Yay! I'm so excited to see you too!!!!!